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Neumann microphones have become the industry standard in many recording studios worldwide. The TLM-102 provides studio quality sound in a compact package. It is paired with an EA 4 Shockmount and a pop filter.

The Tascam UH-7000 is a pre-amp and audio interface all in one. It was designed with a focus on low noise and high quality audio for that professional studio sound.

Mogami gold XLR cables are unmatched when it comes to accuracy, low noise, and superior quality.

The best-selling Sony MDR-7506 Headphones eliminate background noise while providing plenty of volume for monitoring in studio.

Adobe Audition CS6 is a benchmark in the audio manipulation industry. It allows the user to trim, edit, and add a variety of effects to recorded sound.

The iZotope RX Elements Audio Restoration & Enhancement Software includes 4 plug-ins: De-click, De-clip, De-hum, and Voice De-noise. These get rid of clicks or pops, improve the quality of any audio that has been distorted, eliminate droning elements from recordings, and remove unwanted noise while adjusting to a changing noise floor in real time.

Personalized presets created by VO Tech Guru, Tim Tippets, to accentuate individual vocal profile.

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