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Alyssa knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress. After training in Drama and performing on stage in high school, she studied Acting and Psychology at the university level. Later she returned to the stage, but this time as a Stage Manager for a local theater. She then moved on to Sound Recording, working on film sets for a nearby video production company.


In April 2015 she decided to pursue Voice Acting and has since studied under Steve Blum, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Dave Fennoy, Chuck Hüber, Andy Field, Brittany Lauda, Clifford Chapin, Katie Leigh, Stanley Fisher, Randy Ryan, Julie Shields, Jim Kennelly, Mary Lynn Wissner, Lisa Biggs, Nathan Cundiff, Michael Montes, Randye Kaye, Peter Dickson, Hugh Edwards, and Sharon Feingold.


Alyssa is capable of a wide range of character voices spanning from a young boy to an old woman. She does commercial, telephony, and corporate VO work as well. In addition she is a classically trained soprano who is available to sing for soundtracks, for commercial jingles, or in character.

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